Best Smartwatch Apps That Are In Trend

Know About the Top Smartwatch Apps Available in the Market

Just like smartphones, smartwatches are also used by many people in the world. It offers convenience to them in different types of ways. Some people just use it for calling, while some prefer to use specific apps on them. There are hundreds of apps currently available for smartwatches, offering different types of features and functionalities. From fitness to time tracking, these apps are built for different purposes, which is why they should be used as per the needed demands. However, it is recommended to know about the best smartwatch apps that are available in the market, as this allows you to keep a track of everything. 

Earlier, watches were used to just monitor time, but this trend changed completely with the emergence of smart watches. Though it looks like a simple wrist watch, but is capable of performing various tasks easily. From reading texts to receiving calls, smartwatches can do various tasks as per the given requirements. But to do that, you need to install some specific apps that are programmed to offer precised functionalities. It is therefore best recommended to read the info before installing any app, as that lets you know about different things, such as which mobile app development company has created the app and what type of features it offers.

If your smartwatch is using Wear OS, you can download apps from Play Store similarly like you do in the Android smartphones. It shows multiple categories of smartwatch apps available on the Google marketplace. For Apple Watch, the process is similar i.e. to use App Store just like you do to install apps on an iPhone. It is quite a simple process, but still it is recommended to only install best smartwatch apps available around.

In this blog, we will talk about these apps in detail and will also list down some of the most popular apps available on the marketplace. But, before moving straight into that, lets start from the basics understanding why smartwatches are increasingly becoming popular in the market.

Popularity of Smartwatches

Popular smartwatches

During the last few years, many new gadgets have been introduced in the market. Among different names, smartwatches got the most popularity, as they brought a new type of convenience for the users. Earlier, watches were only used to monitor time. It is still considered the primary purpose of a watch. However, as times has changed, now you can simply pay for items with your smartwatch as there are several instant cash loan apps available in the UAE market. Smartwatches have now become a go-to device to check messages and receive calls. Those who travel frequently, love to use smartwatches due to its great convenience. Though it looks like a little gadget, but offers plenty of benefits through its stunning functionalities.

This history of smartwatches goes back to early 2000s. However, the arrival of Sony SmartWatch in 2012 precisely started the new trend of modern smartwatches. It is considered the first smartwatch that got the attention of the general public. After that, Samsung and Apple came into the race, taking the trend of smartwatches towards new heights. The arrival of Apple Watch in 2015 excited many people, and so the love of smartwatches began to grow.  

Today, there are different types of smartwatches available in the market. Many new brands have also entered into the industry, offering smartwatches of all categories and classes. Due to this, many businesses also want to create apps that can be accessed on smartwatches easily. It has certainly become a top gadget in the electronics world that is now gaining huge popularity day by day.

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Best Smartwatch Apps Available in the Market

There are plenty of smartwatch apps available on both Play Store and App Store. These apps are built for different purposes, hence you need to install only those that can fulfil your desired requirements. This means that if you are traveling, you need to install apps related to tourism, music, restaurant guide and more others. You also need to download different currency converter apps to quickly know the conversion rate of your local currency. This is the best recommended method to find apps, however, you still need a source that can let you know about the quality of these apps.

Luckily, this blog will help you to know about the best smartwatch apps currently available on different marketplaces. It will be a good for those who have just bought a smartwatch, but are unable to find quality apps that can offer unique functionalities. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.


Shazam logo

Many people often stay confused while identifying any song by its lyrics. They usually try Google which is effective, but not totally smart to find any song so easily. There is where Shazam comes into the picture, offering quality services to find out any song by just understanding the lyrics. This is one of those features that is not available in many online music streaming apps. That is what makes Shazam different from others, making its services standout among all.

Talking about the journey of Shazam, it started roughly around in the early 2000s. However, the app didn’t found much success at the start, as it took at least 10 years to reach 1 billion tags. But, after that, the app simply became unstoppable. It reached to 2 billion tags in the next 10 months, and then there was no looking backwards. Since then, Shazam has been ranked on top of the charts, which is why its popularity among smartwatch users has also increased more.

Google Maps

Google maps logo

We all know how useful Google Maps are whenever it comes to find any place. Many people like to use the app on their mobiles, while some prefer to use it on their smartwatches. The app works similarly well like it does on any smartphone. Its usage on smartwatches becomes more important for frequent travelers. These people want to track time and locate different places by just using their watches. That is why having Google Maps at the wrist looks more convenient to them.

The good thing about Google Maps is that it is not just limited to Wear OS watches. Those who are using Apple Watch can also use Google Maps according to their own convenience. Earlier, the app was not available for Apple devices, but after getting tons of requests, it was launched for Apple Watch users well. This is the major reason why Google Maps is popular among everyone. It is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatch apps currently available online, so make sure to use it whenever you are out on any trip.


Uber logo

Another mobile app that is quite popular and known to everyone in the market is Uber. It is one of the top ride-hailing apps in the industry having millions of downloads. People have a clear trust on the name of Uber whenever they are looking to book any ride. This application was originally introduced for mobile apps, but seeing the rising popularity of smartwatches in recent years, it was also introduced for Wear OS and watchOS. Now, people having smartwatches of both operating systems can use this app and book rides according to their convenience.

Talking about the footprint and availability of Uber, you can use this app to book rides from 600+ airports and 10K+ cities around the world. This is certainly a huge number showcasing the great presence of the app in different regions and countries. It is loved by everyone, which is why its presence on smartwatch marketplace looks very much understandable.


AccuWeather logo

Next up, we have got Accuweather, another great smartwatch app for frequent travelers. It is considered one of the top weather forecast applications in the world. The reason behind that is the pure accuracy of the forecasts made by the app. It is generally been noted that all the weather forecasts of the app are exactly correct. Due to this, people trust on the results of the app, specifically when it comes to forecast about the rain. It is not just available for smartwatch or smartphone users, but can be accessed through 24/7 active website as well.

The AccuWeather app is a comprehensive weather app that provides users with all the information they need to stay informed about the weather. The app is free to download and use, but there is also a premium version that offers ad-free usage and additional features. For smartwatch users, it is best recommended to buy this subscription, as it allows you to use the weather app freely everywhere.

Wear Casts

Wear casts logo

Podcasts are increasingly becoming popular in the world, as many influencers are rapidly opening their own channels to conduct different sessions of podcasts regularly. Those who love to listen different types of Podcasts to stay updated can use Wear Casts on their smartwatches. It is one of the best smartwatch apps that lets you browse tons of top podcasts trending currently in the market. The good thing about Wear Casts is that it is a standalone app, meaning that you can use it without connecting anything with the smartphone.

As per the market reviews, Wear Casts is a top rated podcast player app for Wear OS smartwatches. It allows you to stream or download podcasts for offline playback, so that nothing can interrupt your session. It also allows you to connect Bluetooth headphones directly to the smartwatch and listen to your favorite podcasts easily. These are the features that has made Wear Casts a perfect app to listen different podcasts by just using a simple Wear OS smartwatch. 

Google Keep

Google keep logo

Google Keep is a note-taking app developed by Google. It allows users to create notes, lists, and drawings, and organize them by color, label, or location. It is one of the best Wear OS apps that lets you take important notes on the go. Many times, people do no prefer to take out their smartphones out of the pocket to note anything. They want something quick and convenient to note down few points, which is what Google Keep allows them to do effectively.

Google Keep lets you use its interface to create and access notes and lists on your smartwatch. You can also create reminders, check and uncheck items, and more using this creative app. This is one of the best smartwatch apps currently available online that makes it easy for everyone to stay organized on the go.

Infinity Loop

Infinity loop logo

Infinity Loop is a smartwatch app that is designed to improve your logical skills and focus. It is free to download and use, with some inexpensive in-app purchases. The app offers a stunning user interface that is easy to use, including a zen mode that is designed to offer creative interaction. Infinity Loop is a simple game where you need to tap on stuff to flip it around. This may sound easy, but it can be very challenging and rewarding. The game offers top-notch control on Wear OS devices.

The app allows you to choose between the dark and bright mode. This means that you can choose the visual appearance of the app UI by yourself. The app offers countless playing levels, and most of them start to become harder as you progress further in the game. It is indeed a good app that can be used whenever you have a free time.


Bring app interface

If you want to use an app that can help you to buy grocery through smartwatch, Bring is the ultimate solution. It is undoubtedly the best app that gives you plenty of options on the smartwatch. You can make a list of your own by using this app easily. The app certainly offers a great shopping experience that allows you to do multiple tasks easily. This is one of the core reasons why people love to use Bring whenever they want to buy grocery by using a smartwatch.

The app also allows you to store loyalty cards in the accounts section. This way, you can easily access discounts whenever they are available in the app. These are the few features that makes Bring a top rated app for all types of smartwatches available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why smartwatches are popular in the gadgets market?
Smartwatches are popular in the gadgets market for a number of reasons, including convenience, personalization, affordability, and more others.
Which type of apps are available for smartwatches?
You can find different types of smartwatch apps available on Play Store and Apple Store. It includes apps related to fitness, music streaming, grocery shopping, games and more others.
How to download apps on a smartwatch?
To download apps on a smartwatch, you need to follow the similar process that is used for smartphones. This means that you just need to open Play Store or Apple Store to download respective apps quickly.

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Final Words  

That takes us to the end of this article in which we have discussed some of the best smartwatch apps currently available in the market. Knowing about these apps is important for those who regularly use smartwatches. Many businessman who frequently travel will search for the best currency converter apps on their smartwatch to know about the exchange rates. Moreover, with the help of these apps, they can do different types of tasks similarly like they do with smartphones. In this article, we have listed some of the best smartwatch apps that could help you to keep track of different things. Besides these, you can also find many other apps on respective marketplace as well depending on your own requirements.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a mobile app development company that could help you to develop quality mobile applications, get in touch with us today. We will assist you to develop all kinds of mobile apps, rightly as per your given demands.

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