Best Food Delivery Apps In UAE to Order Food Online

Take a Look at the Best Food Delivery Apps in Dubai Offering Quality Services

During the last few years, the trend of online food ordering has seen a great rise in the local UAE market. People are more interested in ordering food online, as compared to going outside whenever they are busy. All of this has been made possible by the development of innovative food delivery apps. They have become quite popular due to offering ease of ordering food online. That is the reason why many people ask about the best food delivery apps in UAE that provides variety in their foods.

Nowadays, there are plenty of foods apps available on both Play Store and App Store. They offer variety of foods according to the preference of different customers. From fast foods to desi cuisines, you can find a good stack of quality foods on these applications. However, some of them often charge extra money from the customers, which is what irritates many in the UAE.

To make sure you are not charged with extra money, take a look at some of the best food delivery apps in UAE below that always offer optimum pricing. These apps are trusted by a large section of people, as they are developed by big brands taking cutting-edge mobile app development services.

Let’s first start from the basics understand why the online food delivery apps in UAE are becoming popular in the UAE.

The Evolution of Online Food Delivery in Dubai

Food delivery app

Dubai is one of those cities that has always embraced the technological advancement early. Just like the trend of online shopping, people also like to order food online whenever they are busy at the work. The availability of quality foods online has given them a great confidence to go this way. They know that plenty of restaurants are available on their fingertips, and it just requires a call to order a quality food straight to their home.

From McDonald’s to KFC and Mandi to Pizza Hut, people can enjoy a great set of meal through online food orders anytime anywhere. Earlier, people only had the option to order the food by directly calling the restaurant. However, with the introduction of creative foods apps, things have become a lot more simplified for them. They can simply open the app and tap on their favorite meals to order online quickly. It connects them straight with the restaurants that are preferred by them for having lunch, dinner or even breakfast.

As seen currently, this trend will continue to grow more in the coming years. The ecommerce market is growing exponentially, hence the online food delivery apps in UAE will also see a great rise. This will also increase the competition in the market, giving customers plenty of options to choose from based on the taste, pricing and quality. 

10 Best Food Delivery Apps in Dubai to Order Your Favorite Food

Just like different loan apps in UAE, the food chain business is gaining a lot of momentum in the commercial market of Dubai. The rising craze of online food ordering has given them a market impetus, allowing their brands to grow rapidly.

If you do not know which foods apps are widely popular in the UAE, take a look at the list given below. These apps are loved by everyone, as they represent the face of online food delivery in Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and other cities.

Careem Now

Careem app

Careem is a famous mobile app that not only offers ride-hailing services, but also fast and quick food delivery services. The basic and the biggest service model of the app is online ride booking, and it is also pretty much evident by its name. However, the latest addition of food delivery in Careem has multiplied its strong potential in the commercial market of Dubai.

The app is serving a large customer base, allowing them to connect with different restaurants through the smartphone easily. Besides foods, Careem also provides grocery delivery and online payment services. This makes Careem a complete platform to conduct various types of jobs through the comfort of home.  


Talabat app

Talabat is a renowned name in the food chain circuit of the UAE. It is often termed as the most reliable and pocket-friendly app to order food online in even most expensive cities like Dubai. People simply love Talabat as it is very easy to use. The app comes with various intuitive features that makes surfing and navigation quite easy for the users. This makes Talabat a pretty good choice for everyone, as order food through it is pretty simple.

Talking about the origins, Talabat was first launched in Kuwait in 2004. Since then, it has made great inroads in all the major countries of Middle East, making it a top name in the circuit for online food delivery.

Noon Food

Noon food app

Noon Food is yet another a popular name in Dubai that allows customers to order food in a hassle free manner. Currently, it has got a huge list of restaurants registered on the platform. This gives people a great opportunity to order their favorites through the app. Whether it’s a fast food or desi cuisine, you can choose anything from the app that suits to your hunger requirements.

Noon Food captured the market right after its launch by offering straight 50% discount on first order. This created a huge buzz in the market, allowing Noon Food to get known among the people. That is how the app got its balls rolling in the industry, and it is still going strong with the introduction of new features and discounts everyday.

Uber Eats

Uber eats app

Everyone knows how famous Uber Eats is in different parts of the world. It is one of those pioneering apps that started the trend of online food delivery in the world. Many applications followed the suite of Uber Eats after it became popular in the market. It is still going strong in UAE, as people simply love to use Uber Eats to order their favorite foods from different restaurants.

Built with cutting-edge mobile app development tools, the app offers various types of unique features. It allows customers to monitor the order through real-time rider location tracking. Besides that, Uber Eats also offer various discounts frequently, which is why it is preferred by the foodies not just in Dubai, but across everywhere in the UAE.

Eat Easy

Eat easy app

Next up, we have got the name of Eat Easy in our list of best food delivery apps in UAE. It is also a popular delivery app where you can find plenty of renowned food restaurants. The app is built for both iOS and Android operating systems, meaning that everyone can use it easily. The look and feel of the app is really good, which is why people love to use it to order different types of foods.

Besides food delivery, the app also provides online grocery delivery services. So, those who don’t want to go outside to bring daily groceries, can use this app to quickly order online. It supports different types of payment methods such as credit card, online and cash on delivery.


Deliveroo app

If you want to order quality local and international cuisines from a food delivery app in Dubai, look no further than Deliveroo. It is a popular mobile app where you can find everything according to your requirements. Not just local, but you can get thousands of Chinese, Thai, and French cuisines available on the this app. It offers quick delivery time, meaning that you don’t have to wait for hours for your order to arrive.

Deliveroo was founded back in 2014, and since then, the app has found enormous success in the UAE due to its quality food delivery services. In fact, the company has also expanded its operations to other countries, taking the footprint of the Deliveroo to the global scale.


Cari app

The name of this app might sound to some people like Careem, but it is not associated to that company by any means. Cari is a separate food delivery app that promises food delivery in no more than 30-minutes. That is a unique claim which is what makes this app pretty special. Many people like to order food from this app due to this specific reason. It can be called as a punch line of the app that works perfectly well to grab customers’ attention.

Cari also offers food delivery without any delivery fees. This is yet another a great tenet of the app that makes it favorable for many people. Besides UAE, the app is also available in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, meaning that it has started to expand its operations across whole Middle East.


Carriage app

Carriage is also a leading name in the online food delivery business in the UAE. The company brags to have more than 200+ restaurants available on the app. This is what makes them a pretty good choice for foodies who are looking for different varieties on the food app. It also promises to deliver foods within the shortest time possible, meaning that the app has covered all the bases to become successful in Dubai.

From Pizzas to Mandi, there are plenty of options available on the Carriage for food lovers. These dishes are also offered with plenty of discounts on weekends and other special events. So, make sure to try this app if you want to order food from the renowned restaurants situated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.


Instashop app

InstaShop is a popular mobile application that revolutionizes the way users shop for groceries and everyday essentials. Launched with the aim of simplifying and enhancing the grocery shopping experience, InstaShop provides a user-friendly platform where customers can effortlessly browse through a wide range of products from local supermarkets, specialty stores, and even pharmacies.

One of InstaShop’s standout features is its efficient and reliable delivery service. Users can enjoy the convenience of having their groceries and essentials delivered straight to their doorstep at a time that suits them best.

Munch: On

Munch on food app

Munch: On is a cutting-edge food delivery app that has transformed the way people experience and enjoy food from their favorite local restaurants. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Munch: On allows users to effortlessly explore a diverse range of culinary options, ranging from popular eateries to hidden gems in their area.

What sets Munch: On apart is its commitment to efficiency and reliability. The app employs advanced tracking technology, enabling users to monitor the real-time status of their orders from the moment it is placed to the minute it arrives at their doorstep.

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Making a Food Delivery App Successful – Key Features to Know About

If you are planning to launch a food delivery app like the ones above, you need to develop it with some important features. If you do not know much about them, take a look at the points defined below.

Quick Registration Process

To streamline the registration process for a food delivery app and make it quick, prioritize simplicity and user convenience. First, request only essential information, such as the user’s name, email address, and contact number. This approach will encourage users to swiftly sign up, enhancing the overall user experience and increasing app adoption.

Easy In-app Navigation

To establish an easy-to-understand navigation system in a food delivery app, prioritize simplicity and user intuitiveness. Start by organizing the app’s main features, such as browsing restaurants, placing orders, and tracking deliveries, into clear and distinct sections. When these options are put in place, it automatically becomes easy for users to navigate the app.

Discounts and Promotion

The types of promotions and discounts offered in a new food delivery app can vary based on the business strategy, target audience, and market conditions. Some of the best promotions for a new food delivery app includes first order discounts, loyalty programs, bundle deals, seasonal promotions and more others.

User Support and Communication

Establishing a robust user support system in a food delivery app is crucial for ensuring a positive customer experience. Begin by offering multiple channels for support, including in-app chat support, email, and a helpline. Afterwards, implement a comprehensive FAQs section to address common queries and issues of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is online food delivery getting popular in the UAE?
Online food delivery is steadily getting popular across UAE. People really like to order their favorite foods by just staying inside. This is the major reason why online food delivery is becoming a common norm in different cities of the UAE.
Which online apps are popular for food delivery in UAE?
There are many popular food delivery apps working in the UAE market. It includes some renowned names such as Uber Eats, Talabat, Careem Now, InstaShop and more others.
Which type of foods are offered by food delivery apps in Dubai?
Food apps in UAE offer different types of items in their stock. From burgers to pizzas, you can find everything available on these apps.

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Final Words

That take us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed some of the best food delivery apps in UAE currently working around. If you are new to Dubai, having a bit of hunger after taking a long flight, try some of these apps to order your favorite food. These apps are pretty good, as they provide you tons of options to enjoy your favorite food when it matters the most.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a company that could help you to develop a quality food delivery app in Dubai, get in touch with us today. We have got years of experience and our experts will help you to develop all types of food/grocery apps as per the given demands.

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