Best Video Editing Apps in UAE: Ranking the Top Platforms Known Today

Video editing is quickly becoming a top professional field in different parts of the world. Many individuals in UAE are also seeking career opportunities in this field, as it is quite lucrative and interesting as compared to others. However, to master this field, an individual must need to know about the best video editing apps that are currently used in the professional circuit of the UAE. It is an essential requirement of this field that cannot be neglected by any means.

Gone are the days when VideoSpin was the only option available for video editing. Today, this field has grown quite a lot, and because of that, many new tools and technologies have been introduced in the market. Not just that, but specialized video editing courses are also available in the market to teach people professionally about this field.

So, if you are also interested in video editing, this blog will definitely prove to be a good read for you. It will enlist some of the best video editing apps in UAE currently available around. Let us first start from the basics understanding why video editing softwares are so important to produce any film or short video in a professional manner. Let’s take a look at it below.

Importance of Video Editing Software  

Video editing app

Video editing software holds great importance nowadays. They are termed essential for filmmakers, video editors and other people that are connected with the media industry. These software products allow editors to create videos as the way they want. There are plenty of options present in these softwares, so editors can use them to create their own stuff freely. Some technical knowledge is required at the beginning of the process, so when its done, it becomes easy for editors to use this software for different types of editing purposes.

Earlier, when there were not much video editing options were available in the market, people were forced to use only specific softwares. They were built with limited capabilities which were simply not good enough as compared to the modern standards. With the introduction of advanced softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry of video editing set towards the new modern course. People came to know how live motion videos can be smartly edited, which precisely started the era of modern video editing.

Since then, this market has seen great evolution. Many new apps have been introduced in the market by taking professional mobile app development services. In this blog, we will discuss some of them, so that all the aspirants of professional video making can gain some important information. It is therefore a good read for beginners who are really looking to pursue the video editing profession for a long period of time.

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Best Video Editing Apps in UAE

If you want to become a professional video editor, you must first need to master some tools that are recommended for video editing. A lot of people think that only Adobe Premiere Pro is used for video editing which is certainly a very wrong perception. There are many other tools besides Adobe Premiere are also available in the market. If you do not know much about them, take a look at the list given below.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere webpage

First things first, the name of Adobe Premiere Pro always stands out in the list of best video editing apps currently available around. It is a highly advanced editor that provides plethora of options to create and edit videos. Generally, it is said that Premiere is the pioneer of video editing softwares. Well, this claim holds heavy value because Adobe has always remained on the forefront in the industry of graphic softwares. This is the major reason why everyone prefers Adobe, because it symbolizes quality in every product.

Speaking about the key features, Adobe Premiere Pro has improved a lot since it came first into the market. Today, the platform offers different types of editing features such as integration with, automatic caption generation, and more others. Using these advanced functions, it becomes easy for editors to perform all types of jobs that are required for a quality video production.


Lumafusion webpage

Next up, we have got the name of LumaFusion in our list of best video editing apps currently available in the UAE. It is a non-linear video editor app that is highly popular among the vloggers, content creators and more others. The app is also pretty easy to use, requiring no extra technical expertise or knowledge whatsoever. This is certainly an important feature that makes LumaFusion very popular in the market. People really like to use the transition feature of the platform which is quite unique among the other apps.

Besides that LumaFusion is also loaded with other advanced features such as multi-track editing, blending frames, advanced audio editing and more others. The pricing of the editing app is also quite low, meaning that everyone can buy it without getting into any hassle.



CLIPS is another popular name in the list of best video editing apps in UAE. It is completely free to use, meaning that anyone can download it from App Store as per the convenience. The app is currently available for just iPhone and iPad users, however, the platform has got plans to go on Play Store as well. The good thing about CLIPS is that it offers easy to understand features for video editing, such as speed adjustment, reality affects, stickers creation and more others.

As a user, you just need to use these features by simply dragging and dropping onto the scene. This type of apps are usually very easy to use, and they get popular among the beginners very quickly. It could be said that CLIPS is also built with the same vision in mind. It eases platform usage for absolute beginners, so that video editing can be done without getting into any confusion.


Quik app

Developed by GoPro, Quik is an advanced video editing app that allows you to turn raw videos into a stunning piece of customized motion art. Many in the industry say that this app is made for the effortless creation of quality videos. Just like different money making apps in UAE, the app primarily focuses on simplicity, so that users can easily work with the features available on the platform. This is the reason why many people use it to edit their general photos and videos with friends and close relatives.

The good thing about Quik is that it is built for multiple platforms. This means that you can access it on Android, iOS and other devices very easily. It provides different types of customization options that allows everyone to edit photos and videos on the go.


iMovie platform

iMovie is a popular choice of many individuals who like to edit videos within just a few clicks. It is available only for iOS devices, and is totally free. Developed officially by Apple Inc., the app ensures to provide seamless editing experience to the users. They can easily import, export and edit both video and audio files using the same platform. This is what makes iMovie a complete app for video editing, as well as modifying sounds for some frames of the videos.

The app comes up with prebuilt templates and unique themes. This allows you to create multiple videos by just using these templates quickly. It is certainly a great feature for beginners who does not know much about video editing. They can use these templates to create videos which is indeed very simple and easy.  


Inshot webpage

InShot stands out as an exceptional video editing application tailored for the needs of social media professionals aiming to produce seamless and captivating films. Boasting an extensive array of user-friendly features, the app provides an assortment of effects, filters, overlays, and cropping options that effortlessly elevate the quality of your videos. With InShot, users can seamlessly incorporate text, merge clips, adjust video speed, and even modify background coloration with utmost ease.

Beyond its video and photo editing capabilities, InShot caters to the audio needs of content creators. The app includes a range of audio tools, enabling users to enhance their videos with carefully selected soundtracks, voiceovers, and other audio elements.


Powerdirector app

Renowned as one of the premier video editing applications for Android, PowerDirector stands out for its extensive range of features, making it a powerhouse for crafting impeccable. This exceptional app offers a comprehensive suite of user-friendly editing tools that facilitate the seamless creation of videos. From adjusting video speed to precision controls through keyframe manipulation, PowerDirector empowers users to exercise precise control over every aspect of their video content.

PowerDirector’s feature-rich environment extends to creative enhancements, incorporating an array of filters, overlays, and blend modes to unlock a realm of possibilities for producing visually stunning effects. The app also distinguishes itself with a green screen chroma key editor, enabling users to effortlessly change backgrounds and introduce dynamic visual elements to their videos.


Kinemaster webpage

Regarded as a top-tier preference among seasoned YouTube creators and social media professionals, KineMaster has garnered popularity for its rich set of professional-grade tools and effects. KineMaster combines essential features found in standard editing apps with an array of sophisticated options. The app provides users with the capability to finely tune the color dynamics of their videos, effortlessly enhancing overall visual quality with a simple button press.

In addition to its advanced editing capabilities, KineMaster excels in audio customization, allowing users to seamlessly integrate narration, background music, and various sound effects. The app’s volume tools further empower users to fine-tune audio elements, elevating the overall auditory experience to studio-quality levels.


Funimate webpage

Funimate stands out as a widely embraced video editing application tailored for the needs of casual video editors, particularly popular among social media users seeking to enhance short video clips. Tailored to the dynamic landscape of social media content creation, the app is commonly utilized for editing concise one-minute videos.

A distinctive feature of Funimate lies in its capacity to empower users to craft personalized effects by leveraging photos from their mobile phones. The app facilitates a user-friendly approach to effect creation through its automatic loop tool, simplifying the process of generating captivating and seamless visual enhancements.


Videoshow webpage

VideoShow is a versatile and cost-free video editing application, providing users with a comprehensive array of tools and features to craft engaging and polished videos. Boasting an intuitive interface, VideoShow facilitates seamless video creation through its diverse editing capabilities, which encompass essential functions such as video trimming and cropping tools.

One notable aspect of VideoShow’s appeal lies in its attention to the auditory dimension of video content. The app incorporates a rich library of music and sound effects, offering users a broad spectrum of audio enhancements to complement their visual creations.

StruqtIO’s Expertise in Developing Advanced Video Editing Apps

Having years of market experience, our mobile app development engineers know how to create quality video editing apps as per the latest standards. Here are some of the basic tenants that makes our app development services standout in the market.

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Recognizing the distinctiveness of each video editing app, we acknowledge that each platform possesses its own distinct features and functionalities. In light of this awareness, our developers engage in close collaboration with clients to comprehend their vision and requirements. Subsequently, we craft a tailored solution that aligns precisely with their specific needs.

Cutting-edge Features

We possess the capability to incorporate cutting-edge video editing functionalities into your application, including trimming, cropping, text overlays, and audio adjustments. Furthermore, our expertise extends to the implementation of special effects, stickers, and animations, broadening the creative possibilities available to users.

Full Support and Maintenance

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your video editing application, we offer continuous support and maintenance services. Our commitment involves keeping your app current, secure, and compatible with forthcoming operating system updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why video editing apps are becoming popular?
Video editing apps are gaining popularity due to the growing demand for user-generated content on social media platforms. These apps empower users to easily edit and enhance their videos, offering a user-friendly and portable solution for content creation.
What is the working procedure of a video editing app?
The functionality of video editing apps involves the importation of video clips, which users can edit and arrange within a timeline. Following this, users have the capability to incorporate effects and text into their videos before exporting the final product in a diverse range of formats.
Which are the best video editing apps in UAE?
There are plenty of video editing apps popular in UAE. Some of the notable names include InShot, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender, KineMaster, Filmora and more others.

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Final Words

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed some of the best video editing apps available in the UAE. These apps are quite advanced, and they can be used for all types of video editing easily. Based on the experience and expertise, everyone can use these apps as long as they can understand its features. This blog has defined the best editing apps that will help you to create and edit videos without getting into complex technicalities.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a company that can help you to develop video editing apps, get in touch with us today. We have got plenty of experience in app development, hence our team precisely know how to create quality apps using latest mobile app development tools and technologies.

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