10 Best Trading Apps in UAE to Make Extravagant Money

Know About the Best Trading Apps in Dubai Below

Everybody wants to make extra money and there is no better way to do that than to use the online earning apps/websites currently available around. You can find different types of online money making apps in UAE offering lucrative services to the people. One of the notable category among them includes trading apps. It has been noticed that many people are taking interest in taking trading lately. That is why they want to know about the best trading apps in UAE that could help them to make good money.

Finding a trading app is not difficult, as there are plenty of them available online. However, the main question comes down to the authenticity and reliability of the apps. Just like other fields, many scam apps are also operating in this market, looting people’s hard-earned money by offering them false claims. It is therefore important to know about the best trading apps in UAE that are endorsed by the top regulatory authorities. 

In this blog, we will discuss about those trading apps that offer great services to the traders. It will be a good read for you to understand which apps should be selected based on the regulation. Let’s first start from the basics how online trading became popular in UAE.

The Rise of Online Trading in UAE

Crypto trading)

Like the other developed countries, UAE has also embraced several things that have guaranteed to take their economy forward. Online trading is one of those things that quickly got popularity among the UAE citizens. They saw its impact globally, as how it allowed normal investors to take part in big financial markets individually. This inspired many people in the UAE, as they also wanted to change their fortunes by working professionally in the global markets.

Talking about the history, the concept of trading was first introduced by Charles Schwab in 1984. It started to get little attention when the world’s first DOS-based portfolio management tool was introduced in the market. However, with the arrival of TeleBroker in 1989, people got to know more about trading. It was the first telephone-based trading application that further gave rise to this field.

Fast forward to 2000s, online trading became much more popular with the introduction of new internet-based trading platforms. That was the time when UAE also embraced the trend, allowing its citizens to engage in online trading professionally. This started to pick up momentum, as more and more people moved towards online trading to earn some extra money for themselves.

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How to Choose the Right Online Trading Platform?

Choosing the right platform for online trading is considered extremely important. The reason is that there are tons of fraudulent apps operating out there that could scam you anytime. If you will not conduct a proper homework about the mobile app development agency or broker house that has developed the trading app, then your capital will come under big risk.

Here are some points that you need to remember while selecting any online app for trading CFDs, options, NFTs and more others.

Check Trading Regulations.

Trading regulations and licenses is the first thing you need to look for while choosing any online trading platform. These licenses are only awarded to those brokers who are fully trusted and authentic in the market. Not every platform can get these certificates, because they are given under strict conditions. All the top trading platforms in the world are operating with these license, hence you can start working with them without any worry.

Generally, scam trading applications do not operate with any regulatory license. Just like some loan apps in UAE, they claim to have plenty of them on their websites, but actually, none in real. This could be checked easily by searching these apps on Google or any other search engine. You will get complete information related to these brokers there, and then you can make the decision wisely.

Evaluate Trade Spreads

Tight trading spreads is something that every trader wants, hence it should be checked smartly before finalizing any platform for trading. A variable spread can play a big role in deciding the fate of your trades. Even a small variance in pips during the high volatility can make or break trades. That is why traders always try to use that platform where spreads are bare minimum. Its information is given in the accounts section, or you can also ask the support staff about it.

Generally, good platforms offer spreads from 0.1 to 0.3 pips. So, if you are opting for any forex broker, make sure to check these numbers to get an idea about their spreads. Any broker that offers spreads over 1.0 pips, like MBFX, Orfinex and other scam trading platforms should be avoided by all means.

Check Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Lastly, checkout the deposit and withdrawal methods offered by the trading platform. A lot of times, there are hidden ambiguities involved in the policy of deposit and withdrawals. These things are often not noticed by the beginner traders due to lack of market knowledge. This is where scam brokers take advantage from them. They make deposits super fast, but makes the withdrawal process very slow and problematic. This irritates users, as no one wants to face problems in withdrawing their money.

Authentic and reliable brokers always provide instant deposits and withdrawals. They do not take much time in processing any transaction, because clients always comes first for them. So, try to find a trading platform where these processes are automated, so that you don’t have to wait for anything.

10 Best Online Trading Apps in Dubai

If you are living in the UAE, you can start your trading journey instantly. There are plenty of apps available in the market that offer great online trading services. However, it is best advised to choose those apps that are more reputed.

For starters, we have listed the best trading apps in UAE that offers ease of access to the markets. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

ABET Global

ABET homepage

ABET Global stands out as a dynamic and innovative player in the capital markets, dedicated to providing a seamless trading experience for customers pursuing their financial goals. The platform facilitates access to the world’s premier financial markets through cutting-edge bridging technology, making it a comprehensive hub for efficient trading across various instruments, including forex, indices, shares, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

Utilizing sophisticated online forex trading platforms, clients gain access to real-time financial data, market analysis, and essential information for informed decision-making. Positioned as an investment institution, ABET Global aims to streamline the journey towards contemporary investment instruments, employing distinctive approaches to enhance the overall investment experience.

IQ Option

IQ Option homepage

IQ Option is a prominent trading platform in the United Arab Emirates, making it an optimal choice for traders seeking a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for engaging in options trading. Renowned for its exceptional attributes, the platform boasts not only low spreads but also provides traders with complimentary access to demo accounts, allowing for risk-free exploration of its features.

One of IQ Option’s key strengths lies in its strict adherence to industry regulations and safety standards. The platform holds approval from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), underscoring its commitment to maintaining a secure and transparent trading environment.


OKX homepage

OKX stands out as a distinguished cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange platform, acclaimed as the premier trading app in the United Arab Emirates. This recognition is attributed to its extensive array of tradable cryptocurrencies and innovative crypto 2.0 products, which have contributed to the platform’s popularity in the region.

The appeal of OKX extends beyond its diverse cryptocurrency offerings. The platform’s user-friendly interface enhances the overall trading experience, making it accessible and accommodating for users of varying expertise levels. Whether engaging with popular digital assets or exploring the potential of emerging tokens, traders on OKX benefit from a seamless and intuitive interface that facilitates efficient and informed decision-making.


Inveslo homepage

Inveslo is a highly reputable global financial service provider, specializing in forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. With a rich history of 22 years in the financial industry, Inveslo leverages extensive expertise through a proficient team and dedicated resources. The company is dedicated to transforming the landscape of trading by prioritizing a superior user experience.

Inveslo’s commitment to excellence extends beyond mere financial transactions. The company strives to provide a comprehensive trading experience, integrating not only cutting-edge technology but also a deep understanding of market dynamics.


Equiti homepage

Equiti is a prominent player in the forex trading sphere, offering a comprehensive platform that caters to the diverse needs of traders. With a commitment to transparency and reliability, Equiti provides a user-friendly interface that enables both novice and experienced traders to engage with confidence. The platform supports a wide range of financial instruments, including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, allowing users to diversify their portfolios seamlessly.

In addition to its technological prowess, Equiti distinguishes itself through its regulatory compliance and commitment to security. The platform adheres to stringent industry standards and is regulated by reputable authorities, fostering trust and confidence among its user base. Equiti prioritizes the safety of client funds, implementing robust security measures to safeguard transactions and personal information.


Binance homepage

Binance, recognized as the premier and most extensive cryptocurrency trading application in the United Arab Emirates, presents users with a spot trading volume of an enormous BTC amount. Featuring an expansive selection of over 600 cryptocurrencies and various financial instruments such as crypto futures, options, derivatives, and NFTs, traders have the flexibility to engage with leverage of up to 125x in Binance Futures Trading.

The platform’s robust liquidity ensures swift and reliable trade execution for users, even when dealing with high-volume transactions across the diverse spectrum of cryptocurrencies available. This feature underscores Binance’s commitment to providing a seamless trading experience, accommodating the needs of users involved in both conventional and innovative financial instruments.

Olymp Trade

Olymptrade homepage

Olymp Trade stands out as a prominent and user-friendly trading platform, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features for traders of various experience levels. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, Olymp Trade provides an intuitive interface that empowers both beginners and seasoned traders to navigate the financial markets with ease.

One notable feature of Olymp Trade is its commitment to education and skill development. The platform offers a range of educational resources, including tutorials, webinars, and analytical tools, aimed at enhancing users’ trading knowledge and proficiency. This dedication to trader education reflects Olymp Trade’s mission to empower its user base with the skills and insights needed for successful trading.


Bitget homepage

Bitget is a dynamic and innovative trading platform that has garnered attention in the cryptocurrency space. Specializing in cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Bitget provides users with a robust platform to engage in various trading activities. One of its key features is the availability of a wide range of derivative products, including perpetual contracts, futures, and options.

A notable aspect of Bitget is its commitment to user education and support. The platform provides comprehensive educational resources, including tutorials, articles, and webinars, to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed for successful trading. This focus on education aligns with Bitget’s goal of fostering a community of informed and confident traders.


Bybit homepage

Established in 2018, ByBit has emerged as a strong cryptocurrency trading application, carving a niche in the realm of derivatives trading. Tailored to cater to the evolving needs of traders, the platform facilitates leverage trading of up to 100:1 across an extensive array of trading pairs, including popular options like BTC/USDT and XRP/USD.

Distinguishing itself through advanced features, ByBit provides users with a diverse range of order types, encompassing market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders. The platform’s commitment to efficiency is evident in its impressive trade execution speed, reaching up to 100,000 transactions per second.


Bingx homepage

Established in 2018, BingX stands as a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, providing spot, derivatives, copy trading, and grid trading services to a global user base spanning over 100 countries and regions, boasting a user count exceeding 5 million.

Dedicated to prioritizing user trust and platform transparency, BingX remains steadfast in its commitment to facilitating secure and innovative connections between users, expert traders, and the platform. The emphasis on safety, leadership, and innovation underscores BingX’s ongoing efforts to ensure a reliable and cutting-edge experience for its diverse user community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why online trading is becoming popular in UAE?
Many people in the UAE are taking interest in online trading lately. It is becoming popular because users can earn extra money from the platform by just analyzing the stock/crypto market moves correctly.
Which are the best trading apps in UAE currently?
There are many trading apps working in the industry offering trading services on stocks, forex, CFDs and crypto. Some of the notable names among them includes Pepperstone, Exness, Binance and more others.
Which type of knowledge is required for online trading?
Online trading is not that easy as many people think. It requires complete technical knowledge before you think to go into the markets for trading. Ideally, you need to first learn the fundamentals of trading, and then understand how technical analysis of charts work.

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Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have listed some of the best trading apps in UAE that could help you make tons of money. These apps are trusted by everyone, as they carry professional regulatory licenses of forex, options, CFDs and crypto trading. If you are also looking to start trading in the coming months, choose any of these platforms to get a streamlined trading experience.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a company that could help you to develop a quality mobile application, get in touch with us today. We will assist you to develop all types of commercial mobile applications rightly as per the given requirements.

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