Best POS Software in Dubai Used by Every Retail Store

Know About the Best POS Software in Dubai Used for Customer Checkouts and Payments

Every mall and retail store in Dubai uses POS software to manage customer checkouts. These software have become quite essential for these stores, as majority of their checkout calculation depends on them. This is the major reason why stores always prefer to develop them by taking custom software development services from renowned agencies. These agencies ensure to provide best POS software in Dubai built with latest tools and technologies. Though some of them are built on a bigger budget, but that is primarily done as per the given requirements of clients.

There are various reasons why POS software in Dubai has become essential for retail stores and malls. It not only automates cash calculation, but also saves a lot of time of the cashiers. Furthermore, POS software helps stores to mitigate mistakes while generating customer payment slip. It was one of the key concerns of many stores when such softwares were not around. With the arrival of advanced POS software, this problem has been also solved, allowing store cashiers to generate correct slips without any hassle.

In this blog, we will enlist some of the best POS software in Dubai currently used by the big retail stores. So, if you are also planning to buy a food franchise or open a new retail store in the local town lately, read this blog in detail. Let’s first start from the basics understanding what is a POS software and why it is important for shopping stores.

What is a Point of Sale (POS) Software?

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Point of Sale (POS) software refers to a specialized computer application designed to streamline and manage retail transactions at the point of purchase. It serves as a comprehensive system that enables businesses to process sales, record inventory, and manage customer interactions efficiently. The primary function of POS software is to simplify and automate the various aspects of retail operations, providing a centralized platform for transaction processing.

At its core, POS software facilitates the smooth and accurate completion of sales transactions. It typically includes features such as barcode scanning, inventory tracking, and pricing management, ensuring that products are accurately identified, priced, and recorded during the checkout process. Modern POS systems often integrate with other business management tools, such as accounting software and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, creating a seamless flow of data across various aspects of the business.

Moreover, POS software plays a crucial role in enhancing customer service and satisfaction. With features like order tracking, receipt generation, and the ability to accept various payment methods, it ensures a convenient and efficient experience for both customers and staff. Additionally, the software can generate insightful reports and analytics, providing businesses with valuable data on sales trends, inventory turnover, and customer preferences. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions, and ultimately improve their overall profitability and customer experience.

Importance of Using a POS Software

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Deploying a Point of Sale (POS) software system is crucial for businesses across various industries due to its multifaceted importance in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall customer experience. Firstly, a POS system automates and expedites the transaction process, minimizing errors and significantly reducing the time required for each sale. This efficiency not only improves the customer checkout experience but also allows staff to focus on other aspects of customer service and business operations.

Secondly, a POS software system provides accurate and real-time insights into inventory management. By automatically updating inventory levels with each sale, businesses can maintain optimal stock levels, reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking, and implement effective supply chain management strategies. This not only ensures that products are readily available for customers but also helps businesses save costs by minimizing excess inventory holding.

Lastly, the integration of POS software with other business management tools enhances overall business intelligence. By analyzing transaction data, businesses can gain valuable insights into sales patterns, popular products, and customer preferences. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and tailor marketing efforts to meet customer demands. Ultimately, the implementation of POS software is not just a technological upgrade, it’s a strategic move that positively impacts various facets of a business, from operational efficiency to customer satisfaction.

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Just like payment gateways in the UAE, there are different types of POS software also used in the market. They are built as per the given requirements of clients, catering to different needs and demands. If you do not know which type of POS software will suit best for your store, take a look at the list of options defined below.

Legacy POS System

A legacy POS system refers to an outdated and often antiquated point-of-sale solution that businesses have used for an extended period. These systems typically rely on older hardware and software technologies that may no longer be supported or updated by the vendor. Legacy POS systems often lack the advanced features, flexibility, and security measures found in modern counterparts.

The challenges associated with legacy POS systems include the risk of security vulnerabilities due to outdated software, difficulties in integrating with new technologies, and the potential for increased maintenance costs. As technology advances, businesses are increasingly recognizing the limitations of their legacy POS systems and are inclined to migrate to more modern solutions.

Mobile POS System

A mobile POS system refers to a portable and versatile solution that allows businesses to conduct transactions and manage sales operations using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. This technology provides businesses with the flexibility to accept payments and complete transactions beyond traditional, fixed checkout counters.

One of the key advantages of a mobile POS system is its ability to enhance customer service by enabling transactions to occur anywhere within a business environment. Sales associates can assist customers on the sales floor, process payments, check inventory, and even provide personalized recommendations using a handheld device.

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Cloud Based POS System

Cloud-based POS system is a modern and web-based solution that leverages cloud computing in accounting technology to manage sales transactions, inventory, and other business operations. Unlike traditional on-premise POS systems that rely on local servers and hardware, cloud-based POS systems store data and applications in the cloud, accessible through the internet.

One of the primary advantages of a cloud-based POS system is its accessibility and real-time data management. Businesses can manage sales, monitor inventory levels, and generate reports from any location with internet access, making it particularly beneficial for multi-location businesses or those with mobile sales teams.

Best POS Software in Dubai

The usage of POS software system has become very common in Dubai. Every big store and food franchise use these systems to manage their day-to-day customer checkouts. They use different types of softwares built by various top rated POS agencies. Here are some of them listed below.


POSRocket stands out as a comprehensive solution designed to cater to the evolving needs of growing and independent businesses. At its core, POSRocket delivers an intuitive and secure cloud-based point-of-sale system, offering merchants a powerful tool to optimize various aspects of their operations. The platform seamlessly integrates functions such as staffing optimization, inventory regulation, payment processing, and access to detailed sales reports and customer information.

Moreover, POSRocket distinguishes itself by providing an exceptional level of customer support. The dedicated customer care team operates 24/7, offering a robust support network for business owners on their growth trajectory. This commitment to service underscores POSRocket’s dedication to empowering merchants with the tools and assistance needed to navigate the challenges of running a business successfully.

As businesses across the region, especially small to medium shops and restaurants, seek to transition from traditional cash registers, POSRocket emerges as a valuable ally. The platform facilitates this transition by offering an easily accessible and user-friendly POS application, essentially functioning as a personalized assistant to manage various business aspects.


Foodics emerges as a comprehensive and all-encompassing restaurant management solution, uniquely positioned as a cloud-based system compatible with Apple iPads. Operating within the diverse business landscape of the UAE, Foodics stands out as a retail POS software designed to cater not only to restaurants but also to small and medium-sized food businesses.

At the heart of Foodics is a commitment to fostering strong customer relationships, recognizing that revenue generation is intrinsically linked to customer satisfaction. Since its inception in 2014, Foodics has rapidly ascended to become one of the premier restaurant management POS software solutions in Dubai.

Foodics not only provides a sophisticated technological solution but also serves as a testament to the evolution of POS software within the restaurant management domain. Its success and adoption within the competitive Dubai market underscore its effectiveness in addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses in the food sector.


In the circuit of emerging business trends, the spotlight often falls on Point of Sale (POS) systems, and among them, NextTotal emerges as a prominent player in the market. This retail POS system is positioned as the latest trend in online options for effectively managing retail businesses. It’s not just a generic POS; it’s a tailored solution designed to cater to the specific needs of businesses, particularly small enterprises.

NextTotal goes beyond the conventional role of a POS system by acting as a Small Point of Sale, significantly enhancing business efficiency through streamlined tasks and the elimination of operational gaps. Its cloud-based infrastructure allows for seamless integration and real-time access, providing a comprehensive solution for small businesses looking to optimize their operations.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, NextTotal excels in delivering real-time inventory management, precise product tracking, and electronic invoicing capabilities. These features collectively contribute to an enriched customer experience, allowing clients to enjoy a seamless and transparent purchase process.

Omega POS

Omega Software stands out as a globally recognized (POS) company that takes pride in offering cutting-edge solutions. With a robust presence on the international stage, Omega Software provides an extensive range of POS and enterprise management solutions. These solutions are not limited to a specific niche but extend their efficacy to various business models, including table service, delivery, fast food, and others.

At the core of Omega Software’s appeal is its powerful and user-friendly software, meticulously designed to meet the intricate needs of businesses in an ever-evolving world. Beyond the conventional POS functionality, Omega Software serves as an enterprise management solution, enabling businesses to streamline their operations effectively.

In the competitive circuit of hospitality and retail, where time is of the essence, Omega Software emerges as a strategic ally for businesses aiming to stay ahead. Its holistic approach not only caters to the immediate needs of businesses but also positions them to thrive amidst the challenges posed by the rapidly changing world.

Oversee POS

Oversee POS stands out as a high-quality software solution specifically designed to streamline the customer payment and checkout processes for a diverse range of businesses, including restaurants, bakeries, and salons. Tailored to align with modern business models, Oversee POS not only handles sales, invoicing, and inventory management but also offers the flexibility of integrating with various tools and systems commonly required by retailers.

This distinctive POS software not only addresses the immediate needs of businesses but also positions them on the cutting edge of updating technologies and innovation. Oversee POS is dedicated to ensuring that businesses stay abreast of the latest trends, fostering efficiency and adaptability.

Particularly beneficial for restaurants, Oversee POS introduces a specialized feature called Pantry Management, aiming to elevate workflow and expedite overall processes. By incorporating this feature, restaurants can significantly improve customer service, providing a more streamlined and satisfying experience for both customers and staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a POS software system?
A Point of Sale (POS) software system is a digital solution that facilitates sales transactions, manages inventory, and provides business insights, enhancing efficiency in retail and hospitality operations. It typically includes features for payment processing, inventory tracking, and sales reporting.
Why retail stores use POS system to collect payments?
Retail stores use POS systems to efficiently collect payments from customers. It streamlines transactions, and maintain accurate records of sales, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer service.
Which POS systems are currently more popular in the UAE?
Businesses in the UAE use different types of POS systems at their cash counters. Some of the popular name among them includes Foodics, POSRocket, Oversee POS, NextTotal and more others.

Final Words

That concludes our entire blog in which we have listed some of the best POS software in Dubai currently used by the stores. These systems have become a clear necessity of retail stores, hence they are in high market demand. This blog has listed the most popular POS software in Dubai that are preferred by everyone. They are built with latest technologies, allowing businesses to manage customer checkouts and shopping payments effortlessly. If you are also looking to launch a new store in Dubai, try out one of these systems to streamline all your customer payment jobs.

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