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During the last few years, UAE has become a top destination to find lucrative work opportunities. It is the major reason why people from around the world are increasingly coming to Dubai to pursue fresh opportunities. Those who become successful in securing a job in any software development company or other organization, gets a specific UAE Labor Card from the government. This card is very important, as it defines your identity in the gulf nation. It is something that should be in your wallet all the time whenever you are moving in the city or outside of it.

The UAE Labor Card basically works as your work permit. It includes different types of information related to your profile such as name, occupation, employer name, nationality and more others. All of these things are important to identify your profile as a worker in the UAE. Those who do not keep care of their labor cards, are always prone to get into any legal difficulty. The authorities in the UAE are quite strict in this regard, and they do not entertain any negligence in it.

So, if you have just arrived in Dubai, having no knowledge about the UAE Labor Card, read this blog in detail. It will provide you plenty of information related to this card, as how it should be obtained and kept while moving in/out of the city. Let’s first start from the basics understanding what is a work permit and why it is important for people who are coming to the UAE in the search of lucrative jobs.

What is a Work Permit?

Work permit

A work permit is an official document issued by a government authority that grants permission for an individual to work legally within a specific jurisdiction. It is typically required for foreign nationals who wish to work in a country other than their own. The issuance of work permits is a key component of immigration and labor laws, ensuring that foreign workers comply with regulations and contributing to the orderly functioning of the labor market.

The application process for a work permit often involves the prospective employer, who may need to demonstrate that the foreign worker possesses the necessary qualifications or skills that are not readily available within the local workforce. The work permit specifies the terms and conditions of employment, including the duration of the permit, the allowed type of work, and any restrictions imposed on the individual. This case suits perfect for web development companies in the UAE, because they do need workforce from other countries to elevate their skillful resources.

What is a UAE Labor Card?

Labor card

The UAE Labor Card is an essential document issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) in the United Arab Emirates. It is a mandatory identification card for expatriate workers, serving as proof of their legal employment status in the country. The labor card is a vital component of the UAE’s labor law framework and is issued to foreign nationals who are employed by companies or organizations operating within the UAE.

The UAE labor card contains crucial information about the foreign worker, including personal details such as their name, photograph, date of birth, nationality, and passport information. It also provides specific details related to the terms and conditions of their employment, such as the job title, employment contract details, and the date of issuance. The card serves as an official record of the individual’s legal right to work in the UAE which is usually valid for a specific duration of time.

The information on the UAE labor card is instrumental in regulating the labor market, protecting the rights of both employers and employees. Software development companies in the UAE and other organizations are required to apply for the labor card on behalf of their foreign workers, and failure to obtain or renew this card can result in legal consequences. Overall, the UAE labor card is a fundamental element of the country’s efforts to manage its expatriate workforce and uphold the principles of fair employment practices.

Application of a New UAE Labor Card

The department of labor generally deals with the process of new labor card applications. It is a very organized department that approves or disapproves every application based on its actual merit. Here is how the application of a new labor card is processed by this department in a step by step process.

  • The necessary documents will undergo scanning, and the applications will be printed either at a service center (TASHEEL) or through the company authorized to print ministry’s e-forms program.
  • Once the specified conditions are met, thorough checks and verifications will be conducted.
  • Inquiry services are available for tracking the application status or printing the electronic employment contract and permit approval.
  • Applicants can utilize inquiry services by accessing the ministry’s portal at
  • Registration through e-services (eNetwasal services) or service centers (TASHEEL services) enables the printing of the electronic employment permit and contract.

Documents Required for the UAE Labor Card

Following documents are required for the UAE Labor Card.

  • Current photo of the employee.
  • Valid license copy of the company.
  • Copy of entry visa.
  • Health certificate of the employee.
  • Signature card copy.
  • 3 valid copies of employment contract.

Renewal of UAE Labor Card

The department of labor also manages the applications of labor card renewal. Every year, thousands of workers renew their labor card, so it is the responsibility of the same department to manage these applications alongside the new ones properly.

  • Necessary documents will undergo scanning, and applications can be printed at a service center (TAS’HEEL) or through the company collaborating with the ministry’s e-forms program.
  • Subsequently, the applications will be transferred to the ministry’s database for thorough verification, ensuring compliance with all required documents and conditions.
  • Applicants have the option to utilize inquiry services by accessing the ministry’s portal at
  • In the event of missing documents, applicants are permitted to visit the service center (TAS’HEEL) to fulfill the necessary requirements.
  • Completed applications will be printed and submitted either at the “TAS’HEEL” service center or through companies participating in the ministry’s e-forms program.
  • TAS’HEEL operates from Saturday to Thursday, offering services from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • Companies are required to possess an electronic signature card and a valid license.

Documents Required for the UAE Labor Card

Following documents are required for the renewal of UAE Labor Card.

  • A color photo of the employee.
  • A copy of trade license.
  • New and old contract’s copy.
  • Academic certificate.
  • Approval letter from the respective authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UAE Labor Card?
The UAE labor card is an official identification issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, verifying the legal employment status of expatriate workers in the United Arab Emirates.
How to get UAE Labor Card?
To get UAE labor card, the employer need to first submit an application alongside candidate documents at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). After complete examination, the labor card is issued to the respective person.
What is the validity period of UAE Labor Card?
The labor card is issued for two years, and for government employees, the tenure is three years. Once the date of completion is near, workers can apply for the renewal at the same platform of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

Final Words

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed about UAE Labor Card in detail. Having a complete knowledge about this card is very important for those who are going to the UAE in the search of work. This card stays with the foreign nationals all the time, hence they should know to acquire and renew this card once they arrive in the gulf nation. You can get more information about this card at, an official UAE government platform authorized to deal such applications.

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