Best Practices to Build a Real Estate App Like Dubai REST

Know How to Build a Real Estate App Like Dubai REST Perfectly

Working in the real estate sector of the UAE requires you to be skilled in managing clients digitally. For that purpose, you need a quality real estate app like Dubai REST that can manage all the things efficiently. This app is quite popular among the realtors in Dubai, as it provides plethora of features all in one platform. To build an app like Dubai REST, you need to work with a proper strategy right from the start. Those who do not follow particular rules while creating apps, always face difficulties during the development. This blog is therefore written to let them understand how it is done by following some key principles. 

Nowadays, it has become quite important for the realtors in the UAE to take their business on the digital platform. This is necessary because thousands of clients are now using mobile apps and websites to find their properties on the internet. As per a recent report, nearly 58% of property buyers/sellers are active on these apps due to convenience and ease of usage. This defines the importance of real estate apps, as why companies are actively taking app development services to develop these platforms and get an edge in the market.

In this blog, we will discuss how to build a real estate app like Dubai REST completely from scratch. It will be a good read for the beginners who do not know much about the process of real estate app development. Let’s start from the basics understanding the rising trend of online property buying and selling taking center stage in the real estate market of the UAE.

A Little About Online Real Estate Industry in Dubai

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The online real estate industry in Dubai has seen a remarkable surge in recent years, driven by a combination of factors including technological advancements, changing consumer behavior, and the city’s status as a global business hub. With a rapidly growing population and a thriving economy, Dubai’s real estate market has always been dynamic, but the advent of online platforms has added a new dimension to the industry. Many advanced apps like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and more others have contributed a lot in this factor, allowing the numbers of both online buyers and sellers grow gradually in the UAE.

One of the key drivers behind the rising online real estate sector in Dubai is the convenience it offers to both buyers and sellers. With the click of a button, prospective buyers can browse through a wide range of properties, compare prices, and gather essential information about neighborhoods and amenities. Likewise, sellers can list their properties on these platforms with ease, reaching a larger pool of potential buyers than ever before. This convenience factor has significantly streamlined the process of buying and selling real estate in Dubai, making it more accessible to both local and international investors.

Moreover, the digital transformation of the real estate industry has also led to increased transparency and efficiency. Online platforms provide comprehensive data on market trends, property prices, and transaction histories, empowering buyers to make informed decisions. Additionally, digital tools such as virtual tours and 3D visualization have revolutionized the way properties are showcased, allowing buyers to explore homes from the comfort of their own devices. This transparency and accessibility have contributed to a more competitive and robust real estate market in Dubai, attracting investors from around the globe regularly.

What is Dubai REST?

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The Dubai REST (Real Estate Self Transaction) app represents a pioneering initiative by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) to revolutionize the real estate sector through digital innovation. Launched as part of the emirate’s broader Smart Dubai initiative, the Dubai REST app aims to streamline and simplify the process of buying, selling, and renting properties in the city. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, the app offers users a seamless and transparent platform to conduct real estate transactions with ease.

At its core, the Dubai REST app provides a range of features designed to empower users and enhance their experience in the real estate market. Through the app, buyers can browse through a comprehensive database of properties, complete with detailed information, high-quality images, and virtual tours. Sellers, on the other hand, can list their properties with minimal hassle, reaching a vast audience of potential buyers. Additionally, the app facilitates secure and efficient transactions, allowing users to complete purchases, sales, and rental agreements digitally, without the need for intermediaries.

One of the standout features of the Dubai REST app is its integration of blockchain technology, which ensures the security and immutability of real estate transactions. By recording all transactions on a decentralized ledger, the app provides users with unparalleled transparency and trust, eliminating the risk of fraud or tampering. Furthermore, the app harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to offer personalized recommendations and insights to users, helping them make informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.

How to Build a Platform like Dubai REST App in UAE?

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Building a real estate app like Zillow or Dubai REST isn’t easy at all. It requires you to follow a complete plan to develop an app with perfection. A lot of beginners often do not follow the process, which is why they usually face difficulties while creating a project like Dubai REST app in UAE.

If you are also one of them facing similar type of issues recently, take a look at the complete real estate app development process given below. It will let you know how to build an app like Dubai REST properly from the beginning.

Define Project Goals

Defining project goals for a real estate application involves a comprehensive understanding of the needs of both real estate professionals and potential users. The first step is to conduct thorough market research and analysis. This involves identifying the target audience and understanding their engagement preferences. Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial too as it helps in identifying gaps in the market. Additionally, researching latest tech trends in UAE can provide insights into what features and functionalities would make the application stand out.

Next up, engaging with stakeholders such as real estate agents, brokers, property developers, and potential users is essential to gather requirements. Holding workshops, focus groups, or interviews can help in eliciting valuable feedback and insights. These interactions should focus on understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by these stakeholders in their daily operations and property transactions. Key areas to explore include property listings, search functionalities, communication tools, transaction management, and analytics/reporting features.

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Hire Development Resources

Hiring development resources for a real estate app development project requires a strategic approach to ensure the team possesses the necessary skills and expertise to bring the project to fruition. Start by defining the specific requirements of the real estate app development project. Determine the scope of work, technology stack, and desired functionalities. Based on this, identify the roles and skills needed for the development team. This may include software developers, UI/UX designers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, and potentially specialists in real estate technology.

Once the roles and requirements are defined, begin sourcing candidates through multiple channels. This can include job boards, professional networking sites, recruitment agencies, and industry-specific forums. Additionally, consider leveraging your professional network for referrals and recommendations. When evaluating candidates, look for relevant experience in real estate app development, proficiency in the required technologies, and a strong portfolio showcasing past projects. All of these traits help a lot in finding the right team that can build quality projects like Dubai REST app in UAE.

Develop an App Architecture

Effective design plays a pivotal role in the development of a quality real estate app. User Experience (UX) stands as the outcome of users engaging with an application interface. It’s imperative that this interaction is intuitive, seamlessly aligning with user behavior patterns. Achieving consistency across interface solutions is paramount to ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience. A meticulously crafted structure coupled with a familiar arrangement of primary elements empowers users to engage effortlessly with the web application, thus sidestepping potential distractions.

Delving into the intricacies of UX design not only fosters a deeper understanding but also helps in establishing expectations regarding the artifacts produced from the collaboration between analysts and designers. By comprehending the nuances of UX design, stakeholders can anticipate the deliverables and the level of refinement required to meet user expectations effectively. Furthermore, a well-structured UX design not only enhances user satisfaction but also cultivates user retention by providing an environment where users can navigate seamlessly without facing any trouble.

Start App Development

Embarking on the journey to develop an real estate app entails meticulous planning as the foundational step. Kickstart this process by meticulously identifying the target audience and carving out a niche within the market landscape. This groundwork lays the groundwork for crafting a robust strategy and delineating a clear path forward. As a pivotal component, intricately map out an intuitive and user-friendly interface (UI) coupled with an immersive user experience (UX) design to orchestrate a seamless and delightful customer journey.

Moving into the subsequent phase, the focus shifts towards selecting the optimal technology stack and development tools. Meticulously assess and choose the appropriate programming language and framework to underpin both the frontend and backend architecture of the app. Commonly favored options for frontend development encompass React, Angular, or Vue.js, while considerations for backend development gravitate towards technologies like Node.js, Django, or Ruby on Rails.

Test and Deploy the App

Testing and deploying a real estate app necessitates a systematic approach to ensure a smooth transition from development to production. The testing phase commences with thorough quality assurance (QA) procedures encompassing functional, performance, security, and usability testing. Functional testing scrutinizes the app’s features and functionalities to verify adherence to specified requirements and user expectations. Performance testing evaluates the app’s responsiveness under varying load conditions to preemptively identify and address potential bottlenecks.

Following the completion of rigorous testing, the deployment phase ensues, encompassing the rollout of the real estate app to production environments. This process involves configuring servers, databases, and networking infrastructure to accommodate the app’s requirements for scalability, reliability, and security. Employing continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines streamlines the deployment process by automating build, test, and deployment workflows, ensuring consistency and efficiency across development and production environments.

Key Features to Include in a Platform Similar to Dubai REST App

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If you want to build a real estate app that can get wide attention in the market, make sure to integrate quality features in its core. If you do not know which features are termed necessary for these apps, take a look at the list given below. These features will help to make your real estate app stand out in the market, allowing it to get clients attention quickly.

Easy Registration Process

Prior to enrolling on any application, user data is invariably required. The registration process ought to be streamlined, ideally interconnected with social media platforms to simplify and expedite the procedure. Alternatively, users can opt for registration via their phone numbers, with verification codes serving as an authentication measure.

Push Notifications

Every real estate application should integrate the feature of push notifications. It aids in fostering user loyalty and keeping them updated on all available properties within the app. Timely notifications on their devices serve as gentle reminders, ensuring the app stays top of mind for users.

Live Geolocation Tracking

The geolocation tracking feature in a real estate app enhances user experience by providing personalized property recommendations based on their current location, streamlining property search and enabling users to explore nearby listings effortlessly. Additionally, it offers valuable insights into market trends and property values in specific areas related to your interest.

Multiple Listing Integration

Through this functionality, the application will showcase diverse property lists categorized based on various criteria. This capability empowers users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the available properties, presented in formats tailored to their preferences and requirements.

Best Real Estate Platforms Like Dubai REST in UAE

Real estate app

Besides Dubai REST, there are plenty of other platforms also working in the UAE. They are also quite reputed in the market, as some of the names like Zillow is sitting on top of the industry from last many years. Let’s take a look at the top real estate platforms currently operational in the UAE.


Zillow grants users access to an extensive array of rental properties, foreclosures, and homes for sale, spanning millions in number. Offering location-based search functionalities, the app enables users to explore properties, save preferred listings, and receive notifications whenever fresh listings become accessible., a real estate application, offers access to a vast database comprising over 400K homes available for rent or sale. Additionally, it features a mortgage calculator and various tools designed to monitor home values and estimate the expenses associated with homeownership.


Trulia is a renowned real estate platform offering extensive property listings and neighborhood insights, empowering users to find their ideal home with ease. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Trulia simplifies the home search process and facilitates informed decision-making.


The Redfin real estate app provides users with access to up-to-date property listings, detailed neighborhood information, and innovative tools for buying and selling homes. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features streamline the real estate search process, empowering users to make informed decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dubai REST?
The Dubai REST app is a popular platform facilitating seamless connections between buyers and sellers in the real estate market, offering comprehensive property listings and innovative features tailored to the UAE market.
Why Dubai REST is popular in the real estate market?
Dubai REST stands out in the real estate market due to its ability to effectively connect buyers and sellers. It is one of the top real estate apps in the market that allows realtors to manage all the functions easily through the app.
What is the cost of real estate app development?
The cost of real estate app development like Property Finder is based on factors like project timeline, complexity, desired features, and additional considerations. Typically, these projects incur costs ranging from $30,000 to $75,000 per project.

Final Words

As we conclude this blog, we’ve delved into the fundamentals of real estate app development, spotlighting the likes of Dubai REST, a widely embraced application facilitating seamless connections between buyers and sellers. Throughout the blog, we’ve shared pivotal insights aimed at guiding you towards crafting a real estate app akin to Dubai REST in the UAE, albeit acknowledging the complexity of this endeavor. However, with a steadfast commitment to leveraging apt skills and technical acumen, the task can indeed be accomplished.

Meanwhile, in the quest for a partner adept at crafting top-tier real estate apps like Dubai REST, look no further than StruqtIO. Reach out to us today, and allow us to orchestrate the development of cutting-edge mobile applications precisely tailored to your requirements.

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